Guidance on obtaining necessary police checks
for your purchase permit

Application of permission to purchase for non-TRNC citizens requires a certificate of criminal history obtained from your home country to be submitted with your application (Please refer to our Guidance on Purchasing Property in TRNC for a detailed information on immovable property purchase in TRNC). You must visit your local police station to obtain this in your country of origin. Unless you obtain it from the local police station of your home country, you should make enquiry at the consulate in your country of origin for information on how to obtain it. If you reside in a country, which you do not originate, you must make your application to the appropriate authority in your country of origin.

Once you obtain the certificate of criminal history, it needs to be provided with TRNC Ministry of Interior within 6 months from the date of it, since the Ministry of Interior requires a certificate of criminal history up to date. The Ministry of Interior only accepts the certificate of criminal history in a hard copy with original stamp of the relevant authority (electronic documents is not accepted). If this document is provided in a language other than Turkish, English or Russian, and it must be translated into Turkish or English and duly certified as correct and true translation by a Notary.

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