Guidance on Divorce and Matrimonial Proceedings

Guidance on Divorce and Matrimonial Proceedings Divorce and matrimonial proceedings in TRNC are regulated by Family, Marriage and Divorce Act No. 1/1998. In TRNC the Family Law principles are based on protection of family structure and children.

The most frequent issues in the Law of Family we face are divorce cases. Our Law Firm often represents clients as a lawyer in divorce cases and works hard to reach the best result under the Law of Family and related regulations.

We can distinguish two main types of divorce procedure: agreed divorce and non-agreed divorce. First of all, we need to mention that in order to initiate agreed divorce both parties must have been married for the period of at least one year prior to the date when the case was filed. Should the parties agree on maintenance or other issues regarding their divorce the procedure concerning the agreed divorce can be followed and initiated. This procedure is less time and money consuming. Should the parties not agree on any issue related to the divorce, the procedure concerning non-agreed divorce should be followed. The issues related to the divorce can be: division of joint assets, custody of the children and/or maintenance, e.g.

Mediterra Tax & Legal regardless the parties opt to proceed with agreed divorce and non-agreed divorce by taking utmost care deals professionally and separately with each delicate subject like the future of children, division of joint assets, payment of maintenance and/or compensation by one party to another. However, our law firm also provides solutions by analyzing the legal situation in the best possible way for the fields like marriage, legal situation of children born out of marriage, guardianship, obtaining protection order during divorce cases, custody / temporary custody, maintenance order.

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